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B2ST | late nights and early parades

Late nights and early parades
Words: 1,321
Fandom: B2ST
Pairing: Doojoon/Dongwoon
Genre: Fluff, I suppose.


Son Dongwoon had a secret.

In the small trained light of the flashlight clamped in Dongwoon's mouth, the words scrawled across the page seemed to jump out at him, strangling him with their weight, with the emotion he placed into each one.

Dongwoon worked late into the night under the cover of his thick blanket, afraid of the light or the furious scribbling of his pencil waking the other members. The blanket worked often enough, though the constant fear of getting caught and having to explain himself to them weighed on him, so he couldn't bear to take any chances.

He paused his scribbling and listened. The need of a blanket for protection had robbed Dongwoon of his sight, so he had to rely on his ears and sheer luck to avoid being caught.

To him, in the silence of the night, the scratching of his pencil had seemed deafening. However in the bunk below him, all was normal. Yes, even Junhyung's slurred sleep-rapping was normal now. The first time Dongwoon had experienced it during his late-nights, well, it was embarrassing, to say the least. Simply put, everybody had gone back to sleep convinced that Dongwoon had either had a nightmare or developed a strange sleeping disorder involving his baritone voice cracking up two octaves. "Maybe puberty works differently for Dongwoon." Hyunseung had commented.

Dongwoon snapped back to the present. He could just hear Yoseob's even breathing two beds away, over Doojoon's light snores from somewhere beside him.

Dongwoon resumed his writing. He felt silly, continuing his fantasies like this, but it was the only way.

His tutor smiled a gentle smile at his frustrated student, approached the bench and took a seat beside him.

"Like this." he whispered.

His fingers seemed to dance over the ivory-white piano keys, drumming out soft, beautiful melodies reserved for only him.

He then picked up his student's hand, which had been resting on his lap, and guided them to the keys. He taught him patiently, resting his hand on top of the younger boy’s and teaching him which keys to hit with which finger.

The warmth from his hyung's hand seemed to warm the younger boy all the way to his cheeks.

Before they knew it, the melody was over, so was the lesson.

His hyung's hand slipped from the top of his.

Then it entwined their fingers together, giving his hand a small squeeze.

His hyung smiled when the younger squeezed back, tentatively.

"Just like that." he whispers again.

Dongwoon goes over what he's written, and flushes. This was getting ridiculous.


Son Dongwoon had a secret.

He liked to keep a sort-of diary. Which wasn't really a diary, more like a small notebook full of hasty scribble and doodles and stories about him and Doojoon.

Nothing big or scandalous or even made-up; just short, more prose-worthy retellings of those little moments of him and Doojoon. He never dared add any names, though, so that should anyone else see his stories (god forbid), his secret would be intact.

Okay, maybe Son Dongwoon had two secrets, the other one being the harboring of a teeny-tiny crush on Doojoon for the past year.

The story he'd just finished writing was of the time when him and Doojoon were still working on their duet, 'When The Door Closes'. Dongwoon had been in a slump trying to learn Doojoon's newest composition for their song, so the leader had given him a small lesson.

Of course, Doojoon hadn't twined their fingers together, but he had held his hand while teaching him the notes.

(Oh, and for the record, Dongwoon was floored during the filming for their teaser. And floored again on its release. The fleeting moments of intimacy, it was too much. It didn't help his point that he saved the video on his iPod, though. For future reference.)

Yep, the lyrics of their most recent hit, 'Fiction', had really hit home for Dongwoon. For a time, he had been convinced that their lyricist was somehow watching him or reading his mind, and that really put a damper on his writing for a good while.


Dongwoon woke up to an uncomfortable feeling on his cheek, and opened his eyes blearily. Then, snapped them open.

Damn, he'd fallen asleep writing again. It was still dark, maybe everyone was still asleep. He shot up, hoping for the dawn.

Oh, no, wait, he was still under his blanket. He threw it off and looked wildly around.

Everyone was indeed still asleep, despite it being eight in the morning. Thank the heavens for no schedules and sleeping in.

Dongwoon exhaled a sigh of relief. Looking down at his pillow, he saw the cause of his awakening; the notebook's spine was cutting into his cheek. He'd fallen asleep on top of it. He ran a hand over the imprints on his cheek and winced.

He quickly worked to clear any evidence of his writing from his bed. After stuffing his loud pencil and flashlight (which was off, it had apparently run out of batteries sometime during the night) into his secret hiding spot (his mattress), he decided to get one more read of his story in before getting out of bed.

And he was struck dumb by the sight of the addition of another sentence, written in foreign handwriting not achievable by the maknae anytime in his sleep anytime soon:

‘He then leaned in to plant a light kiss to his love's forehead, and chuckled at the younger boy's flustered expression.’

"You liking my alternate ending?" a voice piped up from beside him.

"Gah!" Dongwoon yelled, and jumped so badly that his head collided with their ceiling with a loud thump.

"Ooh. Careful there, maknae. And keep it down, you're going to wake everyone up." Doojoon quickly rose from his bed and placed a cautious hand on Dongwoon's throbbing head.

Though his throbbing head was quickly losing out to his rapidly beating heart.

"Wh-wha... A-alternate..." Dongwoon stammers incoherently.

"Ending? Yeah, though I dunno if it's to your tastes. Hm?" Doojoon says casually. "Ah well. If you don't like it, I can change that, though."

"Change?" Dongwoon echoes.


Doojoon leans forward. Dongwoon is backed into the wall. Damn his bed placement next to the wall. Or not.

"Like this." Doojoon whispers against Dongwoon's feverish forehead. There he plants a kiss, so feather-light that it's barely there, and yet so, so warm.

It was way better than he ever could've written it.


Later on, at breakfast, Doojoon confesses.

"I've actually been peeking at your writing for a while now." he says smoothly, sipping his coffee. Dongwoon chokes on his toast.

"When?" the maknae demands as soon as he's able to breathe.

"I dunno. I had bladder duties to attend to one night and when I came back, you were sleeping on your notebook. You drooled a bit on it, too."

Dongwoon flushes. "I did not!" Dongwoon says, indignant.

"Yeah, you did, but don’t worry. Your writing's actually pretty good. You made our practice session sound a lot more poetic than I thought possible.”

Dongwoon swore his face was beet-red by now.

“Yeah, I guessed it was us. I mean, who else have you had piano lessons with recently?” Doojoon shrugs. “Anyway, it was obvious to me, that’s why I think you’re either dense, or your eyesight's terrible." He drops his gaze to the foam on his coffee.

"Eh? Why?" Dongwoon asks, taking another bit of toast.

"Because I've been writing 'I love you' over and over on the back of your notebook for weeks now." he says, taking another sip from his mug.

Dongwoon chokes on his toast again.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I keep writing these three words over and over." Doojoon singsongs later on while Dongwoon is checking his notebook.

The latter smiles at the three words running down the page.


( first fic post! /rolls around

yeah, i ripped off owl city for the title and fiction for the plot. i am so shameless.

oh, and happy birthday to our dear maknae! woooooo! :D)


this was just so sweet! I totally loved the way you wrote this, hope to see more <3

(lawl i've been seriously craving duwoon fics lately. Those two are <3)
omo so cute and fluffy!! ><

I LOVE doojoon writing on the back of wonnie's notebook. Like...so adorable

I even made the 'squee' face and was all happy and giggly. Because you are bamf like that ^.^ <33

welcome to the wonderful world of...here? kkkk <3

I'm glad you graced us with his cute, fluffy fic! ^.^
Aww..So sweet and fluffy. I love this. Really sweet and simple and just all sorts of adorable. ^_^
Good job!
And welcome to the lovely world of ficdom, where it's crazy fun. ♥
Loved this ^^ it was a great story. I love the fact of Dongwoon trying to hide his writing all that time when Doojoon was actually telling him already that he loved him! And him telling the magnae about how much he already knew was adorable because Dongwoon is so cute when he gets surprised!! ^^

*____________* how is this your first fic? it's so good!!! love this fic, it's so sweet! please write more!

This was so gggggah! I'm starting to get incoherent but whatever. Ohgodd... This fic may have been the fluffiest, cutest thing I have ever read ugh! The beautiful writing adds to its charm, too... *V*

Thank you so much for writing this piece! Keke! Looking forward to reading more of your work! :> ♥
omg this was so cute and sweet and fluffy X3
Awwwwww~~~~♥♥♥ beautiful beautiful!!! I can't believe it's your first fic! I'm sure you're going to Keep writing awesome fics like this! ^o^
AHUHU I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH <3 it made me all happy and fluffy inside ; w;~
this is so precious!!!!! ^__^ ahhh! LQL this may be one of my fave. kudos!! =)
Waaaaaaah! This is so cute *_*( And sweet. And .. oh gosh, it makes my heart melt!!!!!

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